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School Site Council

New_School_Site_Council Card IconNew School Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) is a decision-making group of parents, school staff, students, and the Principal. Their responsibilities include the following:
  1. Assessing needs of students and using data to set goals
  2. Gathering information from the school’s English Learners Advisory Committee and other advisory groups on campus
  3. Revising the Single Plan for Student Achievement with budgetary allocations
  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of the school plan
  5. Revising the Home-School Compact and Parent Involvement Guidelines, as needed
  6. Revising School Site Council By-laws, as needed

Members_(School_Staff) Card IconMembers (School Staff)

  • Thomas Bothwell (Teacher)
  • Sara Miles (Teacher)
  • Jennifer Foley (Teacher)
  • Dora Garcia (Staff)
  • Martin Powers  (Principal)

Members_(Parents) Card IconMembers (Parents)

  • Brandie McConahie
  • Yazmin Vega
  • Charles Williams- Chair Person
  • Sining Cinense
  • Veronica Hernandez