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Parent Teacher Organization

Welcome! Card IconWelcome!

Hi Parents,

I'm Jon Glen and I manage the Parent Teacher Organization at Madison Elementary. We meet about once a month on Mondays in the library at 3:15PM. If you are interested in being on the PTO Executive Board, please send me or the office your name and phone number. We will have ballots in classrooms at Back To School Night! If you don't desire an executive position, but can help out at some of our events, just come and see me, or send in your name and number. See you soon!

What_does_PTO_do_for_our_school? Card IconWhat does PTO do for our school?

As you can see, PTO helps in a variety of places to improve our school:
  • Classroom ink $300               
  • Teacher supplies $3000 ($100 per teacher)      
  • Field trips  $2500 ($100 per class)
  • Holiday Night $100                                                                 
  • Science Fair Boards $500
  • Bank Fees/Bad checks $250  
  • Teacher Lunch $440                                      
  • Carnival expenses $1500
  • Jog A Thon Prizes $900         
  • Santa Shoot Costs $1000                               
  • PTO Insurance $350
  • Classroom projectors $2000   
  • Safety equipment/vests $300                         
  • Playground balls $750
  • Parent Breakfast $150                             
  • Student Incentives $300                                  
  • Garden supplies $100                        
  • Library Supplies $100